Sunday, March 9, 2014

Because It's Beautiful

Day 5 of the #loveyourbodychallenge from Molly Galbraith of GirlsGoneStrong.

Reason #5 to Love My Body:  Because It's Beautiful

My family is going to Phoenix to visit family in two weeks.  Beautiful, sunny, WARM Phoenix.  I'm excited to see friends and family and definitely excited to bask in the warm glow of the sun after our polar vortex winter here in Ohio.  Know what warm weather means to me?? SHORTS!!  And, thinking ahead, I reminded my two girls to check to make sure their shorts from last summer still fit before we started packing.  And then thought to myself that I should probably do the same.  My discovery?  NONE of my shorts fit.  Well..... not entirely true.  A couple pairs went on.  My favorite pair didn't fit at all.  Now, I would love to report that none of them fit because they were too big.  But, the reality is that I spent much of the fall and winter dealing with emotional issues rather than physical.  And diet hasn't been my highest priority.  Neither has a routine exercise plan.  The nice part?  I didn't spiral.  I didn't think of myself as a terrible person because I've gained a few pounds.  My friends in Phoenix will still love me even if I don't look perfect.  Because my beauty doesn't come from the perfect pair of shorts.  It comes from the inside and the outside.  And, after two pregnancies and two c-sections, my abs are never going to be my best feature.  And I'm completely ok with that.  Because there are other aspects of me that MORE than make up for it.

Ya know... like my hair.  My hair is definitely my best feature, even if it's always in a ponytail.  I always know that if I'm having a great hair day, everything will be right with the world.  :)  While I still get irritated when people "boing" my hair, when the right person plays with it just the right way, it's the best feeling in the world.  And, if I let you play with my hair, that is love right there.  (And I'm kinda starting to learn that I have a pretty nice booty.  I think it's all those damn squats.  *grin*)

As for inner beauty, my stalwart refusal to give up on people is something I think is beautiful.  Once you are my friend, that doesn't change...EVER.  I don't let go of friendship.  I used to think there were only two people in my life that I couldn't be friends with.  I've since realized that I've forgiven those two people for the havoc they wreaked in my life.  Because I wouldn't be the person I am today without their actions.  And if I can forgive those two individuals, I can't ever give up on anyone's friendship -- no matter what.  So to those of you who I don't talk to regularly anymore, know that you are still my friend.  And have no doubt that I think of you frequently.

So am I beautiful?  Yes.  Do my shorts have to fit to prove that?  Hell no.  As long as I have confidence in me, that's what matters.


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  2. You are very welcome! I always hope that I can bring light to others' lives! :) Please share with others if it has brought something to your life!